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About Pliner.Net

Pliner.Net provides hosted applications and tools for use by webmasters, both novice and experienced. Our applications will help you effortlessly include forms, polls, message boards, and chat rooms to your web site. Our Pliner.Net Monitoring service regularly checks your web site to make sure it is up.

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Benefits of Using Pliner.Net

Platform Independence

You can add our applications to your site no matter where it's hosted or what it's hosted on. There's no cgi or scripting support needed for our applications to work. If you ever need to move your web hosting around, our applications will still work!

Remotely Hosted

By using our remotely-hosted applications, you will avoid much of the pain of configuring, integrating, and maintaining self-hosted applications. Because our applications are remotely hosted, most new features and upgrades will automatically be applied for you. You do all of your management and customization via our web interface which will instantly be applied to your web site. There's no need to go back and edit your webpages!

Consolidated Management

A Pliner.Net account can service multiple web sites using just one account. All of the forms, polls, message boards, and chat rooms for all of your web sites can be managed under one Pliner.Net account.

Copy and Paste Integration

Intergrating our applications is as easy as copying our generated HTML to your webpage.

Pliner.Net Updates

To keep track of updates to our services and applications, keep an eye on our What's New page.

Corporate Information

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