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NCISN Foster Application
Zip code*:
E-mail Address*:
What is the best way to reach you?:
Have you fostered for other animal organizations in the past?:

If yes, how long did you foster? What kind of animals, how many did you foster? Why are you no longer working with them?:
What kind of animals are you interested in fostering?:

Do you have a fenced in yard? If so, please describe the fence and size of yard.:
What kind of pets do you currently have in your home? Please include breeds, ages. :
Are your pets spayed and neutered?:

Are your pets up to date on their shots?:

Where did you get your pets?:
Name and Phone number of current veterinarian. *:
Please provide the Name and Phone number of a personal reference we can contact about you.*:
Are you 18 years of age or older?:

Do you have children?:

If yes, please list ages of children.:
Why do you want to be a foster parent?:
Describe any experience you have with obedience training, including housetraining and crate training:
Do you have an extra crate for your foster dog? If so, what size? :
If you don't have an extra crate, would you be willing to purchase a crate to use for foster dogs?:
What types of animals or behavior issues are you willing to work with? For example, fear, poorly socialized ,dog aggression,etc?:
Hours per day a foster animal would be without an adult caregiver::
Are you able to transport the animal(s) to and from the shelter and/or vet frequently if needed?:
Would you be willing and available to bring your foster dog to adoption events?:
Where will the foster animals be housed while in your care?:
Would you be able to keep foster animals separate from your animals (if needed)?:

Do You own or rent your home?:
If you rent, provide your landlords name and number::
How did you hear about our Foster Care Program?:

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