Adoption Application

Great Dane Rescue of El Paso
P.O. Box 290567
El Paso, TX 79924

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Adoption Application
Home Phone*:
Cell Phone*:
E-mail Address*:
Number and Ages of Children*:
Employer Name*:
# of years with this employer*:
Spouse's Name*:
Spouse's Phone Number*:
Spouse's Email Address*:
Spouse's Employer Name*:
# of years with this employer*:
Home Address*:
Do you have a fenced yard?*:
Please describe yard and fence.*:
How long have you lived at the above address?*:
Do you own or rent your home?:
Landlord's Name*:
Landlord's Phone Number*:
If less than 5 years, please list previous address.*:
Have you ever owned a dog before?:
Are your current pets up do date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative?:
Please list all pets owned in the last 10 years living (and age) deceased (and cause of death) or rehomed (and reason):
In which dog(s) are you interested?*:
Are your current pets spayed or neutered?:
How many hours a day will this dog be left alone?*:
Where will this dog be spending a majority of its time?*:
Does the entire family plan on participating in this dog's care?:
When left alone, where will this dog be kept?*:
Are you aware of the yearly cost of maintaining a dog?:
How much time are you willing to spend daily on the dogs walks, playtime, and socialization?*:
Are you willing to take the dog to obedience training?:
Do you travel frequently?:
If so, how will the dog be cared for in your absence?*:
What would happen to the dog if you had to make a move?*:
Veterinarian Name (Please call your vet and give permission for us to call in reference to your previous and current pets)*:
Veterinarian Address*:
Veterinarian Phone Number*:
Do you have any further comments on why you want to adopt a dog?*:
Personal Reference Name*:
Personal Reference Phone Number*:
Personal Reference Relationship to Applicant*:
Signature (Typing your name here acts as an actual signature. Falsehoods will be grounds for reposession of the dog adopted)*:

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