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Air Cond. Repair Request
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Descripton of the problem in details as much as possible. (2000 character max.)*:
Most of A/C problem can be solved by replacing dirty filters.:
Dirty filters restrict air flow, and will cause icing up on evaporator, which will cause even more restriction of air flow,and:
will not produce cold air out. Evaporator may be iced up. After new filter, leave A/C off for 12 hrs so that all ice may be gone:
Tenant will be charged Service call fee if dirty filter is causing the problem .:
Setting the thermostat below 75 could cause icing inside evaporator, causing A/C not to function properly:
When it is 100 outside, slightly above 80 inside is normal. What is the current room temp.?:*:
Breaker checked?:
Is the outside unit fan running?:
If the outside unit fan is not running, do you hear humming noise?:
Do you see any icing on the outside unit pipe?:
Is the inside unit blowing any air(hot or cold)?:
If A/C not working at all, I have turned off A/C to mitigate any further potential damages.:
If any alarm, armed?:
Lock changed?:
Extra lock installed?:
Fence gate locked?:
Do we have an access to inside?:
Preferred Contact Method:
Specify if want to be present.:
Repair cost may be charged to Tenant as applicable per Lease .:
If A/C is not working, or not properly working properly:
1. turn off A/C to mitigate any further potential damages.:
2. A/C tech can't work on system with any trace if ice on the indoor or outdoor unit.:
3.Tenant will be charged a service call fee if trace of ice is on the indoor or outdoor unit when A/C tech comes out for repairs:
Furthermore, Tech will not be able to make repairs if iced up.:

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