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Topic RE: Love spell kit questions posted by Andy72 User
posted on June 10, 2016 at 12:44 AM Reply to this Message Write
Would I be right in thinking that the green altar candles dedicated to Venus can be used in Love spells for different people,but obviously you need to change the subject and object candles.
And when anointing the altar candles do you think about a successful invocation with your chosen God or goddess as opposed to your desire when anointing your subject and object candles ?
Topic RE: Love spell kit questions posted by Sagaboy User
posted on November 11, 2013 at 12:05 AM Reply to this Message Write
Thank you Denise.

I will definitely be in contact if I get stuck.

Topic RE: Love spell kit questions posted by Denise W User
posted on November 06, 2013 at 08:24 AM Reply to this Message Write
Greetings Sagaboy, Marabas teaches that it is quite permissible to reinforce or compound one's spells if upon reflection one feels that a slightly different focus is necessary. It is important when 'refocussing' that you do not undo any previous magick but layer the subsequent working 'on top' so to speak. Thus you would definitely reuse the original dolls for your reworked lovespell . You need not remake the dolls but you can modify part of the consecration rite in the P100 spellkit to enable you to add more subject links to the dolls. If you look you will see naturally where this can be done in the script but if you are stuck get in touch with Marabas direct by email. Similarly reworking the lovespell is a question of adhereing to the main ritual script but switch the candles from pink to red as you deduced. Doing this would not affect the previous working but would supplement it's establishment in the Astral and thus strengthen the original spell. This procedure only applies to working the same or very similar spell petitioning the same gods etc. If you switch boats mid-stream to another spell, particularly if it invokes different god-forms, then you will need to take care of many other things too detailed to explain here, thus it is advisable not to drop one spell in favour of another but to stick to repeating your original magical working which will perpetuate the same vibrational rate and keep the focus better. If you want more detailed advice please email me directly and privately.
BB Denise W. Scribe to Marabas
Topic Love spell kit questions posted by Sagaboy User
posted on November 05, 2013 at 08:03 PM Reply to this Message Write
Hi all,

I have a few questions about the Love Spell Kit and love magic in general:

1. If having already consecrated the dolls and worked the spell once, I later acquire a better target link - I.e. strands of hair as opposed to the photo that was originally used, can I somehow add that to the doll without compromising the working?

2. Is it possible to use both formats of the spell on the same person? I.e. For both love and sexual attraction? On the two occasions I've used the spell for love, I feel it's drawn the person a lot closer to me but not at the level of intimacy I'm seeking. So can I do the spell again using a red candle instead of a pink one the second time? How would this affect the previous working? And do I use the same dolls?

Any helpful contributions welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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