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Topic RE: Hypnosis Question posted by User
posted on July 28, 2016 at 09:22 AM Reply to this Message Write
This Tulpa idea is a mass of confusion. According to Marabas Tulpa is simply a psychic 'function, power' or fixation. In pagan terms it is like an 'elemental' being, a separated elemental force programed with a particular job/task. Whilst it is traditional in sorcery to 'mirror' an individual using an image doll and therefore obtain control over that person for various purposes such as healing, this Hypnotic-Tulpa appears to meld all of these concepts into a mish-mash without a clearly stated purpose.

Of what use is a mental image of a doll? As a post-hypnotic aid it is superfluous. As an invocation of god-forms it is partial and inept. As an attempt to create a djinn or 'servitor' it is bound to fail as it leaves out many technically important magical processes.

Obviously we only have your limited description of the HypnoticTulpa but at first glance it appears to be simply another load of NAN (New Age Nonsense) which will serve to obfuscate occultism instead of illuminating it.

This is a set of complex issues and magical methods to extensive to cover here in this forum. You should email frater marabas privately giving more information so that he can advise fully.

BB Denise.
Topic Hypnosis Question posted by Lovehound User
posted on August 28, 2014 at 11:24 PM Reply to this Message Write
Hi, I did send a message this morning, but it has not appeared on this site. I found something on YouTube which I found very interesting. An American hypnotist called Talmadge Harper claims he is ableto create Mind Dolls for clients using hypnosis. I think another word is Tulpa. Apparantly this mind doll is a mental projection that looks and feels real.

It can be a fictional character or celebrity and there are testimonials on his website. My question is this possible or a fake. He claims it is safe and your mind doll can become your friend, lover, companion.

I have come here with my question because someone here may be able to advice me. Also do the S.A have any material on the subject of Tulpas?

I don't want to get ripped off and am very interested in this subject.


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