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Topic RE: No reply from SA to mails posted by Denise User
posted on July 28, 2016 at 09:01 AM Reply to this Message Write
We get literally thousands of emails at the S.A. We endeavour to answer all of them the same day but with so many people to deal with we must prioritise. If you make an enquiry which is concise straightforward and clear we'll get back to you sooner than if you send three A4 pages of history and ask us what to do about it.

NEVER send images or large documents as attachments unless you have emailed a short email to us first to arrange their reception because our spam filter kills all emails over 1 meg. (we get hundreds of false emails a day).

Sometimes we answer emails and you don't get them because they are bounced back due to your free mailbox account being full. Always check and delete obsolete mail to allow your mailbox to function.

Before you email us make sure that you add to your WHITE list in your spam filter. Very often clients have their spam filters set too tight and if we include extract from our website to answer your questions or quote special links your spam filter may trash our emails. Check your spam 'junk folder' in case any of our replies are in there.

Lastly, always check your addressing carefully, there are various ways to spell sorcerer's and people can easily misspell it, in which case your email will be lost in cyberspace and not delivered here.

BB. Denise
Topic No reply from SA to mails posted by Nomad User
posted on March 07, 2016 at 10:21 AM Reply to this Message Write
Hi Denise,

I have sent a couple of emails over the last 10 days - to Marabas and yourself , requesting help on a difficult situation.
However,I have had no response and I also left a voicemail on the SA ansaphone last week.

Is there another contact number or email?


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