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Topic RE: Aleister Crowley posted by Falcon User
posted on September 24, 2014 at 10:02 PM Reply to this Message Write
Crowley wrote in his autohagiography "Confessions" that when he was a young boy he wanted to discover if a cat had nine lives, that he was genuinely sorry for the animal, but that he forced himself to carry out the experiment in the interests of pure science. He also wrote of his youthful "satanism", while in adulthood on the other hand he propagated Thelema, and his church was the Gnostic Catholic Church. Crowley's gods were Horus and Pan. He also denied he was a "black magician" - see his essay "Black Magic is Not a Myth".

To find out more about The Master Therion see the website and forum of Aleister Crowley Society:
Topic The Anon one. A rely. posted by Draconuit. User
posted on June 30, 2008 at 03:08 AM Reply to this Message Write
There you are! Aw, all that work and you want to destroy any validity it might hold. Actually, for the benefit of The True.
My new, long awaited Time is just about ready. I had some spare time, and noticing very little other than gossip, not all, dear Brother/sisters, on this thread, tried to convey a little fragment
of what Thelema means to me. A scrappy attempt, but for a few, a little may be of some service. Thanks for your input Bryan, or 'anon' as you prefer, but really, I waited for hours, and you didn't read what I wrote! However, to clarify, fully, as 'I' am on a communal p.c.
my name is not written down, 'I' can dissapear, erase.
To address your comments, I met my Guru, Glorious! in'75, in 79,
I met the physical aspect, an old rogue, who had recieved the word ;) He threw back his head, uttering THE signal. He spent six years teaching me, I became an Adept in '81. He prepared and entered stage 4 of our meditation,death. That in '87. After devoting my life to the Great work,I prepare to finish my cycle. One is simply a servant of the star and Snake. '88. I survived, and
managed to reconstruct myself; '89. I considered Frater Marabus my superior in the order. When my time came, I believed He was there in Spirit, aiding me. Bryans comments: 'High' and 'mighty'. It is, to my mind,- :(not being a teacher,just listening, giving opinion if possible/relevent:) of my personality:- entirely
irrelevent as to how one is percieved. It was/is essential that one performed the tasks, as a cell within the organism. I do not want recognition, One has taken an oath, and aside from my good witch friends, some male magicians, and all those who spend their lives in Spiritual pusuit, The Point of being aware,i think. Something about teaching kittens? Sorry mate, u lost me at that point. I adore mature pussy's:) but confess, when push comes to shove, One is a hardcore doggy lover;) O.T.O u say, I like bits,:) dislike other bits,:( I agree with Crowley on that,) I don't confuse the vehicle/man with the works He produced, re: the point.
OTO:- One is not of that herd mentality, they do fine without me:) u
mention the R.A.C. or somesuch. One really does not consider this the right place to discuss their services. Seriously;) I've learnt a lot in my time here. I'd lost my sense of humour, but it's returning! The Simpsons are inspired! I've met some amazing guys, and Denise, you are One, canny lady;) Hard job, I see why you are Fr. M's scribe. No doubt I'd enjoy listening, and talking with you.
Thanks, now, some goodbyes, and I must depart. OH! Don't believe a word I've said, unless you have personal experience, please.
I hope I improved my communication skills at the end.
Light, Life, Love and librty to All.
Topic RE: Churchill and bus stops. posted by A nonny mouse. User
posted on June 29, 2008 at 06:57 PM Reply to this Message Write
Crowley/Thelema now second down on second page.
How, dear Sir, would you explain the '93' current, to a neophyte, please.
Perhaps we could all benefit, a worthy reason to contribute.
Topic Churchill and bus stops. posted by Anonymous User
posted on June 29, 2008 at 06:49 PM Reply to this Message Write
See page two, Crowley/Thelemism, at top of page. The other articles are interesting,to my mind, too.
Topic Pardon? posted by A Nonny mouse User
posted on June 29, 2008 at 06:44 PM Reply to this Message Write
Sorry, have I missed something here? Unless there are pages so old they're not available, but you've recorded them, I can find no reference to anyone claiming to be oto or RAC, A A or Churchill.
I read of solo working, and the simile repeated ad nauseum by adepts world wide that the Guru appears when ready.
As a reasonable man, you may wish to carefully examine the statements again, and, if you will, consider a motive other than ego, the thing all true aspirants wish to discard. Thefore, why bother commenting at all? The reason first given, perhaps?
Topic RE: Pliskin42's destiny. posted by Anonymous User
posted on June 29, 2008 at 03:42 PM Reply to this Message Write
I do not believe that genuine OTO members would speak so openly about the issues raised by this thread. Some of the information that has been put around 'pundit fashion' is quite repugnant 'Oh I am so high an mighty, while you little kitten need to learn from me, the greatest ( Lol with false modesty!) of adepts!' Self styled Thelema and massive ego's do not reflect the true 93 current.

Aspirants should beware of anyone who openly claims an OTO or A..A.. membership, whether to show off or to score points against other forum users. As is so often the case, those who have the most to say often know the least. Anyone can bedazzle the uninitiated with a dozen references to Crowley's works!! Stop talking and start doing is a piece of good advice. Guru's do not find people at the bus stop! Get on the bus and make the journey to find one.
Topic Pliskin42's destiny. posted by Draconuit. User
posted on June 26, 2008 at 06:43 PM Reply to this Message Write
Greetings Plisskin42, I'd rather hoped some one else would have added their unique viewpoint, however; You seem to want your cake and eat it too! Firstly, there was the O.T.O, offshoots have developed,
As mentioned, The O.T.O. is much like The Freemason order, you pay dues, join in ceremony, socialise. You are well looked after, as
you merge. I cannot reveal current expected donation of excess properties etc. as they may have changed, or no longer apply.
Once you are in, you're in.
As mentioned, The solo Thelemites are of a different ilk.
The solo Thelemite practices, studies alone, learning self reliance. A good all rounder is Crowleys, 'Magick'. The
Soul of this type will eventually travel within other regions, learning
from beings,of varying type, invoking Gods within these regions of the psyche. One does learn a great deal, therefore, solo.
For The Solo Thelemite thus trained, the Guru now introduces
himself, at, say, a bus stop at Croyden. Bizarre? It could happen.
And so, Brother, what is your choice? The O.T.O.? I recommend the
original order. Or The solo path? Let's look at your number. 42,
Here, all is hotch potch, the life force is ego, the rushing wind of thought whirling around, forming little dust devils of thought.
Yet all is not without hope! For the 42 Gods and Goddesses of jugement enter stage.I do NOT advise invoking these Gods/Goddesses, at this stage, more experience is desirable. The Happy ending,
to this simile. If you centre youself, you will find the epicentre of the whirling wind, a tightly, closed in on itself, Spiral.
This state of self realisation leads us to the High Priestess,
The 13th path, connecting Tiphareth, with Kether. : The Higher self, or true soul, with God head. One might consider, The Holy
Guardian Angel Itself. Good luck, One hopes things go well for
you, from your declaration of readiness, Brother, I'd expect you're in for quite an adventure!
Best wishes.
Topic The Thelemite system. posted by Draconuit. User
posted on June 26, 2008 at 02:40 PM Reply to this Message Write
One must clarify previous comments:
The four Great Princes of Hell, are, in reality, most Holy beings, who, rather than accept their due reward, choose to stay until all of Humanity is enlightened. This is called the Bhoddisattvic oath. (Their is a deeper level explanation, these words are for the beginner, the curious, an explanation
intended to be understood easily.)The Princes control the unpleasant inhabitants of hell, they, themselves, are not 'evil'.
However, there is no reason to bother them, until Adeptus point.
(To the 'wise': Iknow, I know: this can best be discussed on higher plane terms, however, the beginner may find this concept new, eye opening, put this simply. An attempt at clarity.)
Having studied Thelema for decades, I simply cannot accept
them as the work of a drug addled wastrel.
If we look at his works, we find (a) His diaries. (b) Instructional works, I.E. Analytical works, such as Liber Aleph, where dreams, moral stance etc. indicate the implementation of a Utopean society. We, Humanity, can achieve this ideal state of harmonious co-existence, one day. 'The only way to change the world, is to change yourself.' (c) Holy Books. These were transmitted from above the Abyss, beautiful love poetry unto God.
These may be termed 'automatic writing' as a term readily
understandable. (d) Liber Al. This style of writing does not read
like any other work He produced. His claim is that it was dictated to Him by metaphysical intelligencia. It is so unusual, that Crowley, then a devoted Bhuddist,
had great diffuculty accepting the instructions.
To the Beginner, I must say, please don't believe me; I only
truly believe that which I have personally experienced, although
you may consider my viewpoint as 'possibly useful.'
I believe it entirely feasable that, 'Gods' did appear to Crowley, and issue orders concerning physical, and further, work
to be performed on the Earth plane.
Such an honour! Such a burden!
For those interested in study of Thelema; All available (I.E. in print) works are available from S.A. Remember the legend of the
brass God, built with feet of clay? It fell over. So it is with
the foundation of the Temple. If the foundation is not solid, neither is the chance of success. 'There ain't no such thing as
a free lunch.' There is a certain joy in planned physical work, to
obtain the clean cash to buy an esoteric work, surely this effort is the foundation of the book. The knowledge within? Priceless!
If you can't afford £15-£20 for a decent book, can you not save £5 per week? Do you enjoy beer? £2-£3 per pint? Why not forego a couple of pints, know that you have earned your reward.
I may appear to be preaching, however, if you are to enter our higher orders, you will be examined, thoroughly, in moral correctness. A hint.
Best wishes to All, D.
Topic Uvray's comment. posted by Draconuit. User
posted on June 25, 2008 at 10:17 PM Reply to this Message Write
I intended discussing a moral chicanery, however, having read Uvray's comment, One is compelled to respond.
Dear Uvray, I have attempted to study your system, and have per-
-formed a core ritual. Have you studied the Thelemic system?
I agree entirely with Denises comments. Further, might one add
clarification as to our structure?
We are required (in order to pass a grade) to perfect our moral training, righteous action, noble aspiration. Then we ascend unto Tiphareth and union with the H.G.A. We accept and perfect as able our
Humanity. Apon achieving union with the true soul of one's self,
One evokes The Four Great Princes of Hell, that they swear to look up to, and respect the Adept, as one does look up to, and respect,
One's God. It becomes apparent, at the first ascent unto Yesod, that, as one does make acqaintance with the Angel of that sphere,
one must take into consideration the complimentary opposite of that sphere, the demon. By our art, each idea, dies in the counterclasp of it's opposite, transmuting into one new element,
transcending the original two. To attempt further clarification:
Of those whose destiny require that they cross the upper Abyss, it is said that, as the Adept does understand the universe in an entirely different manner to previous conception, so do the rules change again. In the Supernal sphere of Binah, a thing can only be true, if it contains its own complimentary opposite within itself.
Therefore, in strict control, as studied in morality, etc. One
at this sphere, is, as of cosmic law, in Binah, and master of the corresponding qlippothic sphere, 3. The chosen Prophet of certain
metaphysical intelligencia, transmitted, "my Adepts,have their
heads above the Heavens, their feet below the Hells."
I gather, in his workings, He would be equally at home in each sphere. Why would He choose to wallow in the dark side of life,
I believe that was the image you projected? Brother, I
have no disagreement with satanism; Do what thou wilt, an attunement with the inner self, to my mind, whatever the (Reasonable)path, is surely a life well spent.
However, you mention prominently the vehicle's; Crowleys, prediliction for, then legal, drugs. I do NOT condone the use of drugs,Yet I do not understand why His private life preferences, makes His works any less enlightening?
Oh, we weave a dark web to repel, to attract, to test.
Perhaps you would like to reply Uvray, I'm curious, I can't grasp the humanity you seek, seriously brother, I want to understand Satanism further, this time, from a person. I've outlined our structure, Yours? Best wishes.
Topic RE: Aleister Crowley posted by ann B User
posted on June 25, 2008 at 09:01 PM Reply to this Message Write
Hi Denise yes I agree the words were unfortunate but this tends to be a soap box of mine. I have the Grimoires and play them quite a lot though they are getting pretty scratchy now.

I have just begun to form a circle like to build it up with trusted people.

I hope the recipient of the words I wrote wasnt too upset as perhaps nuthouse doesnt have quite the same emotion to him
Take care everyone and keep learning

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