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Topic RE: necrophilia posted by User
posted on June 30, 2014 at 04:58 PM Reply to this Message Write
You obviously see something in this article which we do not. Necrophilia is defined as sexual activities involving corpses. Stealing glass eyes from dead people to use as 'jewellery', and Student Japes in the mortuary are not what the original accusers were insinuating.

Those who believe in SRA immediately think of the abomination of penetrative sex with dead bodies. This indicates a certain evil mentality which would fit their stereotype of Satanists but there is no evidence that anything like that ever took place. Nor indeed has there ever been a case where satanists have raped dead bodies. Satan hunters might like to think they would do this but they never have.

The fact that Savile was chums with the now deceased chief mortician of Leeds Infirmary has no significance unless other evidence exists to confirm unstated suspicions; because after decades working there Savile was also chummy with many other people who are now dead and there is no significance in that either, except that one is free to say what one likes about them and not get done for libel.

We understand that Mortuary Humour is a way that some people who have to work with dead bodies ease stress and emotional shock. It is common apparently amongst funeral directors who often have to butcher a 'blown' body to get it to fit in it's coffin. All the anecdotes about Savile could fit into this category.

What would be the motive of people exaggerating these things? The cases where women have lied in court to gain a prosecution against a celebrity who was subsequently found not guilty and set free is legion. Damage claims against Savile's estate and the BBC have finally been capped at £60,000.00 each (yes sixty thousand pounds!). They may also get another £25,000 from the Criminal Injuries board. No Andrew, there is insufficient evidence to make us change our stance at the moment but by all means continue to convince us if you feel otherwise.

Arnold F
Topic necrophilia posted by andrew User
posted on June 30, 2014 at 03:13 PM Reply to this Message Write
I note that you say that the claims of necrophilia are nonsense - however, it appears that they are not.
Can we expect you to correct this?
Topic RE: ritual satanic abuse LATEST posted by Arnold F User
posted on January 31, 2013 at 07:15 AM Reply to this Message Write
Okay folks, as predicted and true to form Valerie Sinason, the head witch-finder for the feminerapist SRA movement has just (Jan 2013) elevated the savile-monster scare into a full-blown Satanic Ritual Abuse allegation using the ever-ready complicity of the bankrupt British press. Within days her allegation was re-appearing as 'fact' on dozens of SRA believers websites and NWO blogs to 'prove' the existence of a network of satanic abusers in the British Establishment! Bonkers! The SAFF have already put up
their definitive repudiation of the claims here:
and all free-thinkers should scan it and arm themselves with the facts.
Topic Jimmy Saville Hysteria posted by baal User
posted on January 25, 2013 at 11:59 AM Reply to this Message Write
It will not be long now until old women will be thrown into ponds to see if they float - a certain sign of diabolical witcherie. Nor will it be long until "they" divert your attention even further whilst your rights are eroded for the public good. Until recently real evidence was needed in court... Now probability is acceptable as "real" evidence... What of the truth and modern forensics I ask...

The Nazis did not invent concentration camps - the British did to control the Boers in South Africa.

Who created the global opium/heroine trade - Britain. The Chinese still haven't forgiven us for that! Britain sent in the troops and started a war with the dowager empress of China because she had the audacity to ban opium imports into China.

I could go on but I think you get the idea. Whilst you are looking in one direction - your attention is diverted. The oligarchs who run this world are far cleverer than you are - they control what you eat, what you experience in the media, your religious beliefs and your political paradigm... At least for the vast majority.

The truth is a function of belief. "They" engineer reality for their own greedy ends. How could Jimmy Saville had done this to so many people and not got caught? If he did - who was protecting him? If he is innocent - who stands to gain from these vile allegations? AND remember if enough people believe the world is flat - then it is...
Topic RE: ritual satanic abuse posted by arnold f User
posted on December 30, 2012 at 02:19 PM Reply to this Message Write
Sunnu, can you make sure that if you are replying to a contributor to a thread that you name them when addressing them otherwise it will lead to confusion. There are several people contributing here. I don't see any of them actually contradicting what YOU said and I personally agree with your take that it is wrong for a set of people (particularly a set of people who might be able to squeeze 25,000.00 each out of the Criminal Injuries Board by making sensational allegations which cannot possibly be checked) to have their claims quoted by the British Media as though fact when unproven. Secondly, I like you, don't think it is the sign of a responsible and balanced society to allow the media to make horrendous claims against dead people who cannot answer for themselves without giving equal space to those friends and family of the deceased who deny the allegations. This is another example of the putresence of the great British Media who only a day or so ago blamed Satanism for the Newtown Child Killings because some distant school friend of Lanza's said he had once put the word 'Devil' on some unspecified social networking site that nobody else appears to have ever seen. The fact that Lanza had just discovered prior to killing his mother that she had made arrangements to have him certified as insane and locked-up, was hardly mentioned as a possible motive! We are witnessing a hysteria of mediaeval proportions and the accursed career politicians are allowing it to gain credence to suit their own control mechanisms. Having destroyed the economy of the West in their greed how nice it would be if everyone and his brother blamed Satanism for the world's predicament instead of them!
Topic RE: ritual satanic abuse posted by Sunnu User
posted on December 26, 2012 at 08:26 AM
edited on December 26, 2012 at 08:28 AM
Reply to this Message Write
If your remarks are aimed at me about not reading the site, then I presume you haven't read the article I suggested.

I was simply highlighting how badly questioning many of Saville's "victims" authenticity on the basis that, while some may have been too frightened to come forward, can it be possible that 400 were that intimidated?

It has nothing to do with the detail of the Satanic Abuse Scare and everything to do with the human "witchhunt" mindset where even quite reasonable questions are treated as oppression, and alleged crimes go unquestioned by interest groups who know they can never now be tried.

Read the article.

I do believe we met some years ago, and I bought a copy of your book from you. I am surprised by your response here.
Topic RE: ritual satanic abuse posted by Eleanor Boyce User
posted on December 26, 2012 at 04:02 AM Reply to this Message Write
Watch the Holly Greig case closely, because it is beginning to fall apart!!
Topic RE: ritual satanic abuse posted by Eleanor Boyce User
posted on December 26, 2012 at 03:55 AM Reply to this Message Write
No one is saying that child abuse, child sex abuse, pedophile rings do not exist. What is being said, if you bother to actually read through the information contained within this site, is that so called 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' is a myth orchestrated by Fundamentalist Christians, that all accusations of such have been proved to be fallacious or hoaxes. I suggest you do some serious independent research of your own and use verifiable sources that can be cross-referenced.
Topic How dare you criticise me in public..... posted by Sunnu User
posted on December 24, 2012 at 12:52 PM Reply to this Message Write
Oh no - how terrible.

If you pretend for years that something never happened, then come out and say it did, it is now wrong for someone else to question your claim?

And what of the comment part way down the article, that Saville is "proven" to be an offender.

Is that in a court of law? Or the modern day equivalent of the ducking stool?
Topic NWO/Jones & Icke posted by Eleanor Boyce User
posted on December 15, 2012 at 02:48 PM Reply to this Message Write
I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable about the claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse perpetuated by Alex Jones and David Icke. See: "Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove" :
as an example, though quite an old one, admittedly.
The claims, though aimed at a different section of society, are still potentially dangerous time-bombs. Furthermore, since the Saville thing, they seem about to explode in our faces all over again. Both Jones and Icke have gathered a tremendous following and it is ever growing. Many of those involved in NWO collectives embrace these two, and it seems to me to be infested with Xtian right-wing zealotry.
A circulation of information amongst these groups would surely bring some balance and perspective back. I, personally, have a foothold in the UK Anonymous movement and would happily do my part. However,although I could enlighten many on the fundie machinations etc. of the nineties (am the author of 'Burn, Witch Burn' and one-time editor of Ocular journal under name of Lesley Wilkinson) I do feel a little ill-equipped to tackle this one.
Is it possible for SAFF to collate and provide information which could be used and drawn upon for this purpose?

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