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Topic Bindell posted by Liz K (twitter @oneoflokis) User
posted on November 12, 2017 at 04:48 AM Reply to this Message Write
I think that Julie Bindell is a loony. I listened with fair disgust to her drivellings on Radio 4 a few weeks ago. She wants to outlaw prostitution and all other sex work - did she ask the sex workers? Silly moo.

Anyway. I'm surprised saff aren't adding new material all about the latest moral panics! It's MPs and Hollywood Stars now! I'm sure a few of these old buggers are at fault: and a few like Weinstein have as good as confessed. But still, the toll of people's careers suddenly being toppled by unproven allegations has mushroomed. It's all happened too fast for me: I'm sure its being orchestrated. By the NYT in the States they say. And we've lost one Welsh Assemblyman to suicide, because he lost his job over this - You wouldn't expect even an accused of rape to lose his job before trial, would you? Apparently Carl Sergeant was a much-loved local politician. I don't know much about him because I don't live in or near Wales. But it's interesting to see on your site how so many of these SRA accusations involve Wales..

Going to get writing again, chaps?? :)

Anyway. I'm going to tell you something to surprise you. There's one Marxist online bunch who'd agree with most of what you say, about innocent till proven guilty and so on. It's the World Socialist Web Site, Currently being censored off Google News, incidentally. But you just enter their site address plus "Weinstein" or "Kevin Spacey" on Google or any search engine and you'll come across a clutch of interesting articles - and lots of ¿¿¿¿¿¿ for Trump and Hillary both on their front page!
Topic RE: feminist establishment/rape crisis still teaching this posted by Arnold User
posted on September 08, 2014 at 02:49 PM Reply to this Message Write
Your fears are correct OMG, Radical Feminists (Radfems) have been one of the main drivers of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth. Radfems caused the Cleveland Scandal
( )
which was the first mass child lift in the U.K. No SRA allegations were involved but the people who drove Cleveland and were shown to be wrong jumped on the SRA bandwagon as an alternative & causing Rochdale and Orkney (see here: ).
Of course they have always massaged the situation behind the scenes, often pointing rabid fundie social workers to do the dirty work for them. Which is why they have spent so much time infiltrating their propaganda into SS courses.

To Radfems all men are rapists and 'Satan is the ultimate male rapist'. Their propaganda has been infecting and influencing the debate on SRA for decades. Because of the Stalinesque approach of Radfems (to disbelieve what they claim is to be a party to the abuse)educational establishments run by bollockless people who are too afraid to say no, allow the radfem propaganda to be distributed as though a valid point of view in social work curriculums etc. But see the following pages to uncover their conspiracy.

As you say, it is ironic that radfems have joined forces with Christian fundementalists (a religion which has for 2,000 years persecuted women as second class citizens) to pursue their vendetta against male dominated society. In the process radfems have victimised self-possessed women witches who want to follow the old ways of pagan society which has ALWAYS held the rights of men and women as equal!

We would be very interested in seeing the course papers you hold, if you contact us on [email protected] we can have a chat about it.
Topic feminist establishment/rape crisis still teaching this posted by omg User
posted on September 07, 2014 at 12:08 AM Reply to this Message Write
I saw some rape crisis assignment for trainees and they are -still- teaching counsellors to believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse. I know this won't be news to most of you, but I found it shocking that such a seemingly respected org still teaches it, encouraging trainees to include even the infamous calendar of SRA in which Satanists are claimed to be at it every other day. 'The Stupid, it burns.'

I've been blocked on social media by prominent feminists such as Julie Bindel and she even made separate posts defending her friend, Bea Campbell,saying she was right and Look What We Now Know. Others are going on about a Masonic conspiracy of abuse etc. I'm a devout Radical Feminist but this stuff is anti-feminist, we are supposed to identify with the witches of the 'burning times' and this is identical.

I have a rape crisis course document if anyone wants it to see the sort of thing these people believe and critique or have record of it,I can't bring myself to look at it more closely lol.

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