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Topic Suggested Collaboration posted by The Satnic Yearbook Foundation User
posted on May 23, 2015 at 06:21 PM Reply to this Message Write

I've probably been in touch before as regarding my organisational project, but I'm contacting you again on the basis of organisational terms and how we might possibly be able to support each others projects on the basis of mutual terms. I have previously had some problems with people returning my mail, and so this is forwarded in good faith.

The project I am currently organising towards is something I'm calling the Satanic Yearbook Faction. The idea here is to properly organise on the greatest basis that we are able to do so in order to compile a comprehensive listing of Satanic organisations internationally. In this we work on serious terms to represent Satanic groups and black metal bands as much as we are able to do so.

If this is our intended project, stated in brief, a part of what we are working towards is to offer support for said religious organisations. I'm getting in touch, then in order to ask if I could petition your representative organisation, in order to work towards having somre basis to offer representational support for such organisations as a part of our campaign work.

Satanic religioun seems to be quite disorganised, and also generally demonised by State media. Therefore, if we can establish on the basis of offering representational support as a part of our project, then it works for the movement of Satanic religion on a number of issues. What we're saying, then, is if your group are established to support religious groups on these terms, then it would work for everybody if our groups could possibly collude as a point of organisation to organise towards a more organised movement. The Satanic Yearbook Faction are suggesting that we specifically work with each other in order to build a stronger representative body to represent a unified religion of darkness.

In signing off, I'm suggesting that you get back to me over this issue in order to discuss where this idea should eventually go. I'm also suggesting that Satanic representative groups should be ready to actively work with each other to promote Satanic religion as an alternative to the religious bias against our religion that state media have acted to misrepresent. Please get back to me if organisation on the mutal terms of Satanic religion might be supported.

As always, hoping that all at your end are well, and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Infernal Damnations.

Tim Thompson.
High Priest for The Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth.

The Satanic Yearbook Foundation stand to actively organise towards compiling a comprehensive listing of Satanic organisations and black metal bands on an international level. Whilst work has already been productively started, the publication for the first edition is deadlined for January 2017. Before the planned first edition we plan a new website that will uphold the same purpose until this planned deadline.

People are freely invited to get involved. Details regarding our group and an online web form for people to submit statements representing their group are online at the URL name Those supporting our project are welcome to pass this information on to people or groups who might be interested in being represented by our project.

It is also the point that The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are established to distribute literature and demo CDs on the greatest level that we are able to do so. As long as such literature can be described as representing the Lovecraftian or anything Satanic, then we are established to represent it as a statement in philosophical religion and art.

The Satanic Yearbook Foundation are happy to take statements directly from the Internet in order to represent this project - but we do ask for permission from groups concerned before we do this. Please get back to us by returning this electronic mail if you would be interested in being involved with this project in any way. Hail Satan.


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