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Topic RE: evening standard story on black magic faith healer posted by John Freedom User
posted on September 21, 2015 at 08:04 AM Reply to this Message Write
You are absolutely correct. A tragic story and a classic example of the way the British Media control the minds of the masses, misdirecting their gaze onto what the editors and their political masters prefer them to see.

This story is not about 'black magick' or 'satanism' or even Alternative Healing. It's about an ISLAMIC healer using exorcism (the very same type of dangerous CHRISTIAN exorcism the SAFF has been warning the govt and police about since 2002! See-
for full details.

Blaming satanists or occultists for dangerous ORTHODOX religious practicies is one way of diverting attention away from the fact that MANY THOUSANDS of crimes and tragedies are caused by extremist Christians and extremist Muslims.

This deceitful type of propaganda is common in areas where a muslim population must be placated but is everywhere evident in 'Christian' society where all negative references to priestly abuse of children and adults in exorcisms is portrayed deceitfully as an aberration and consigned to the back pages yet every crime with any slight reference to 'occultism' is blown up out of all proportion as the lead story.

The SAFF highlighted this mechanic clearly in our campaign against 'Witch-Children'. That evil term was deceitfully used repetitively by the British Media even though there were no witches involved and it all boiled down to Christian priestly abuse here:

The British Media is the main cause of social discord within Britain and enmity to other nations, yet there is not one 'Media Course' which covers their excesses, lies, and dishonesty in these respects.

Keep up to date on these issues by following our Twitter feed @safftweets on a regular basis, and of course, use every instance as a way of directing other free-thinkers (esotericist or not) to our twitterfeed. Networking like this is the best way of defeating those who would twist your mind.

Topic evening standard story on black magic faith healer posted by kimball User
posted on September 15, 2015 at 08:14 PM Reply to this Message Write
Hears a link to a story involving the killing of a faith healer from the evening standard, see how they use the word black magic in the story

story was on Tuesday 15th sep

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