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Topic RE: Nonsense God posted by User
posted on September 19, 2014 at 04:11 PM Reply to this Message Write
Greetings Ed, I sense your command of English is not so good but I get your gist. It is important not to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Religious orthodoxies have held mankind back for centuries but not all spirituality is evil. It is the DOGMA which is evil. People are naturally spiritual and will seek spiritual succour in one way or another. This should not be denied anyone and all forms of spirituality which are not absolutist (that is which do not try to insist that there is only one way to live) are valid and can exist in a state of tolerance with others. It is this individual quest for the meaning of life which underpins all forms of mysticism and esotericism. Orthodoxies want to stop you enlightening yourself, therefore it is orthodoxy which is the enemy not spirituality. Don't fall for the latest techno-god rubbish coming out of the scientific community that all spirituality is false. Science does not have the answer to all human problems but arrogant scientists tend to think they have and push it onto others - just another orthodoxy really.
Topic kimball posted by kimball User
posted on September 19, 2014 at 12:32 PM Reply to this Message Write
Well first I do rituals and magical work to solve any problem that comes into my life, it has work, does work, all ways will work. SORRY you are not converting with your argument. None of those people or organisations you mention are REAL spiritual believers, or even train in the occult. They are crooks.
Topic Nonsense God posted by Ed User
posted on May 25, 2008 at 02:38 AM Reply to this Message Write
Well done excellent and enlightened people of SAFF, support from Taiwan, you are giving humanity a very consequential gift.

The end of government connected to or or in cohoots with religion, the far pavilions, yes but it is about time us sheep saw the light OPENLY. And got together and Baaaaaaaaed and Baaaaaaaaaaaed until people started to notice.

Power wielding is a big part of believing in Gods or God. To prize religion off government tax benefits can be done if there is an influential enough electorate. People power can sway the way the world thinks bit by bit country by country. We need to pick up the flashpoint, were religion disappears or disperses into history. Things are beginning to become volatile now, humanity is waiting in the air, it's a matter of getting some strong sheep, who don't follow the flock to go in a different truly courageous direction it may not take too much to get the system to lose credibility dream dream. After all these religions, arguably with strong foundation, utterly ridiculous and their notions of right and wrong, merely a doctrine hanging with some group's idea of god.

We need the media, the film industry and all the button pushers in media industry to work together please please please, see the light, let's move steadily for the dissembly of religion.

We need people to stand out and say sorry but your divisive religious belief system is causing damage to the world. Why believe in something that is damaging and divisive to the world? Is that your intention? You religious people would be doing better if you were to carry on the good life that you lead but stop believing in a nonsensical god in the sky. This is the truth, believe in yourself and not some silly God.

So I'd like to help? How can I help? I am sure this is a very WORTHY cause.

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