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To all our friends from "nearby" years at Jackson High

Please join us here for good memories and conversation!

Thanks to all who attended our 35 Year Class of '68 Reunion. Let's see if we can arrange another one for the future (maybe "shared" with some other classes?). If this is your first time visiting this message board, please let us know that you are "out there". All you have to do is go to the bottom of this page and click the "Post Message" link. Then just type a brief message (like "hi all!"). This will let us know that you are "in touch" with us.


NOTE: No "bashing"! "Friendly Talk" only! Also: due to high useage, this message board may be "slow" on occasion....this is due to "limited bandwidth" and is "normal"


In case you forget the address to this site you can find this page through my website listed below (You may want to write it down). Click the link below to see my website.


Jackson High (NJ)-Class of '68 (and our friends from "nearby" years).

Welcome to the "Jackson High School Class of '68" Message Board. Other "old time" Jackson grads are also welcome to post (**If you're not a '68 grad-PLEASE LIST YOUR GRADUATION YEAR**). Please: NO foul language, NO Politics, NO religion, NO Commercial promotions and *especially* NO "forwarded jokes or related spam". Lets keep this an interesting and useful page that EVERYONE can enjoy! To join in and add your comment, please click "Post Message" below (you may need to click on "Next" to see all the messages).

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Topic RE: Please Read-Feb-2011 posted by DOC ' 67 User
posted on March 09, 2011 at 01:31 PM Reply to this Message Write
Always knew there was more to you then my old "ShopRite" buddy let on-- well said-- Exact reason I do not Facebook --

David Churchwell Class of 1967
Topic Please Read-Feb-2011 posted by Nial User
posted on February 27, 2011 at 09:07 AM Reply to this Message Write
I began this web forum in 2002 for the purpose of allowing folks from the early years of Jackson High to find each other.
Part of my motivation was to allow fellow Jackson grads to connect without having to pay websites like Classmates.
Over the years, I think it has worked out pretty well.
Now, in early 2011, it seems that new sites like Facebook have made this site less useful.

That's fine with me. This is progress, which is generally a good thing. Anyway, I'm on Facebook too.

At this point, there's no need to remove any of the message content from this site or shut it down (in fact, I've saved it all). It costs nothing to leave it as-is, so that's what I will do.
I may check in here every month or two to see if we have any comments, but probably not more often than that.
If you haven't had a chance, it's interesting to go back to the early parts of this forum to see who some of the early users were. Unfortunately, we've lost some of those folks.

For those of you moving over to Facebook, let me make one point. On this webforum, I maintained a certain set of rules to prevent "bashing" or "flaming" or general bad-behaviour.
There are no such rules on Facebook.
On this website, I have not allowed any political blathering and I have not tolerated any negative comments about race, religion, lifestyle, etc.
Some folks might (incorrectly) say that I'm being "politically corrrect". That seems to be the new term for people who want to act rude to others. I was raised to be thoughtful and polite to others, even if I disagreed with them. And I have always felt that sterotyping certain ethnic or religious groups is a terrible idea. If you disagree on this point, you need to study the comments of Pastor Martin Niemöller regarding the German intellectuals in WW II.
Anyway, If there are people who wish to think that being "polite" is "politically correct", that's up to them. I'm sticking with "polite".
As I move over to Facebook, I have already been "connected" to my large and international family. With limited time (less and less these days!) I am not able to "friend" everyone. Facebook (and other social media sites) can allow you to interact with family and friends in a useful and thoughtful manner. But since it has "no rules", you may also be forced to endure comments from "friends" who wish to make disparaging and negative comments about people who are "different" from them. I have seen all sorts of nonsense on Facebook about Democrats, Republicans, Independents, gays, Christians, Jews, Moslems, Arabs, Asians, blacks, etc. All of it comes from sad, disfunctional people who have low self-asteem and wish to bring others down to their level.

So, if you choose to move over to Facebook, be "choosey" who you "friend". And make sure you know how to "de-friend"!

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