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Pliner.Net Message Boards are your platform independent solution for your online message board needs. Our no experience required interface is geared towards users of all skill levels. Adding a Pliner.Net hosted message board to your web site is as easy as linking to web address we will provide.


  • Simple integration with your web site - Just a link!
  • E-mail notifications for both posters and moderators with an unsubscribe feature
  • Advanced message display options including several different views, HTML filtering, messages/threads per page and more
  • Assign moderators to moderate your message boards
  • Advanced moderation features including message editing, deleting, and approval
  • If desired, customize your message board by using your own HTML for the header or footer
  • You may also customize your message board by choosing from one of 15 editable color schemes, or provide your own cascading style sheet


Pliner.Net Message Boards are FREE, with the allowance of banner ads appearing on your mesage boards.

NEW LOWER PRICING! Premium Pliner.Net Message Boards gives you up to 25 message boards without any advertisements. Only $9.95 a month.

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