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Free Hit Counter

Pliner.Net's Free Web Counter is a great way to let users know how much traffic your site gets. A web counter is also a simple way for webmasters to measure site activity. Plus, a hit counter adds a bit of interactivity to your site. We offer the coolest, most feature-rich counters offering features you can't find anywhere else!

Sample Pliner.Net Free Hit Counter

Hits Since April 12, 2004!

Free Counter by Pliner.Net


  • Simple copy-and-paste integration with your web site - no software to install!
  • Only Pliner.Net Counters work great on any background, even background images!

  • Our exclusive see-through counters provide an especially neat effect!

  • Users automatically get PNG or JPEG files, for maximum browser compatibility
  • Many original styles and colors to choose from! We're always adding more!
  • Featuring Chinese, Roman, and Hebrew numeral counters!

  • For the true computer geek, we have binary and hexadecimal counters!
  • The option to display or hide leading zeroes (Displaying "000123" or just "123")
  • Send us your suggestions!


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